Ergonomic Assessments and Services

Worksite Assessment

An OrionHealth clinician will visit and evaluate the client’s worksite to confirm his or her critical job demands, consult with the client’s employer about return to work options and collaborate on a return to work plan.

For situations where a client is at work and experiencing symptom aggravation, or is unable to progress in his or her duties or hours, our worksite visit will entail job coaching, problem solving, education on ergonomics, and symptom management strategies.

Clinics offering this service:


Home Assessment

An OrionHealth occupational therapist will visit the client’s home to evaluate accessibility, safety, and equipment needs as required based on functional or self management challenges.

Clinics offering this service:

Recommendations will be outlined in a detailed report.


Adaptive Equipment /Assistive Technology Assessment

An OrionHealth occupational therapist will analyze environmental barriers at the client’s workplace or home to determine what types of adaptive equipment will facilitate greater independence.

The clinician will complete a detailed report of recommendations including the anticipated cost and potential vendors.

Clinics offering this service:

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