Cost of Future Care Evaluations

CFC evaluations are conducted by occupational therapists who specialize in assessing functional performance in self-care tasks, leisure pursuits and vocation; and who are experienced with making care recommendations and equipment prescriptions with consideration of long term needs. Evaluators are skilled in synthesizing clinical and functional findings with a wide range of medical and rehabilitative opinions to develop a comprehensive and tailored care plan for the client.

Cost of Future Care recommendations are made with the goal of restoring the client as close to pre-injury function as is reasonably possible, and providing recommendations and costs related to loss of service(s) with respect to pre-injury capacity. Evaluations combine functional information with all available information from family, treating professionals, and medical information regarding diagnosis, expected outcomes and prognosis.

This service is accessible for individuals across British Columbia and we will also take inquiries for service out of province.

Clinics offering this service:

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